Delta Dogs Issue #17 - DIGITAL

Delta Dogs Issue #17 - DIGITAL

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As the Delta Dogs focus on their struggles the world, around them refuses to remain stagnant. The community they work hard to protect is descending into chaos posing a challenge. Can this group of cousins truly make a difference in their deteriorating surroundings? Is the burden too heavy for them to bear?

Find out the answers in the captivating pages of Delta Dogs Issue #17! As the cousins grapple with their conflicts a compelling story unravels against the backdrop of a community in crisis. The question of whether they can bring about change becomes a theme adding layers of complexity to this superhero saga.

This issue does not promise thrilling battles. Also delves into how the Delta Dogs' actions impact the world they inhabit. Readers will embark on a journey that goes beyond superhero storytelling as they confront the realities of their environment.

Don't miss out on the installment in the Delta Dogs series! Issue #17 explores the balance, between struggles and communal responsibility offering a thought-provoking narrative that deeply resonates with readers. Secure your copy today. Witness how these characters navigate both their challenges and external obstacles.