Delta Dogs

Seven cousins--hope to survive (basically the quote in the picture).

Our Mission

To bring to you high quality books that are authentic to our culture.

Picture of me

I was born and raised in Norfolk Virginia home to the largest naval base in the world. Using fiction to convey the emotional, political, economic and social issues of the non-funtional world have been a passion of mines since the young age of 9. Throughout the year, my zeal for writing has as grown. I have amassed a numerouscollection of ideas, and characters, but Delta Dogs is one that touches close to my heart. With this story of 7 cousins who obtain what most might call a "blessing" at a young age; I will lead the reader through whatmost people wished for as kids, to the realization that not everything you wish for is a blessing. It's about doing the bestwith what you have, and how you handle the obstacles that are thrown your way...
No matter how hard it may be.